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Website Design

“Good design is good business.” – Thomas J. Watson

About a Website's Purpose

A good website is an automated tool that attracts users to your business or organization. A great website perks their interest and encourages them to take action. And an exceptional website does all of that, and is built on a search engine friendly platform.

Our Design Process

How we’ll build your website is based on our years of experience. Magnetic Marketing knows what works because we’ve done the schooling and tried out our strategies in the real world. Now we’ll take what we know works and use it to design the online presence your organization has been dreaming of.

Clean website code and unique content will make your website easy for search engines to find. It will also make it easier for your business to manage and for your website’s visitors to use. A powerful marketing strategy developed by our team will drive more traffic to the website and encourage natural growth.

This service is tailored to websites that do not need online product catalogs or configurable services. Magnetic Marketing can build a website for any organization that does not need an ecommerce solution.

How the process works:

Website Optimization

First, we discover where your online presence currently stands.

  • If you have a current site, we’ll optimize or redesign it.
  • If you’re starting from scratch, we’ll build the website from the ground up.

Plan and Strategize

Once we know your agenda, Magnetic Marketing’s research team will scope out the competition, position your brand across different categories, and devise an effective strategy to go forward with.

Building Blocks

Build a highly navigable architecture and layout for your site, plus all of the SEO and social media necessary to reach out to search engines and customers.

Advertise and Promote

Promote the site.

Use the latest strategies, positioning tools and other first-class methods to market and advertise your website—includes radio, Internet, social media, etc.; does not include video.

Analyze and Adjust

The website is live and the marketing campaigns are underway.

The next step is to filter through the data and analyze it, then create a plan for further optimizing and building your business’ presence

Bad design comes from promises that can't be kept. So we won't make any proposal that's over our heads or outside of what your website needs.