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Social Media Marketing

"Let's Take a Selfie!" - Too Many People

About Social Media

What started as online “social networking” is now social media. Facebook and Twitter let people instantly share ideas, meet new people and interact in an original way. This formula took off, and now there are sites like Google Plus, Instagram and LinkedIn carving out their own niche. It’s never been easier to share a video from Youtube or an article from your favorite online newspaper on social media.

Our Approach

We’ll create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus profile and any other social media site for your business. These sites let customers organically find your business through the social media they already use. Paying for ads puts your posts on the social media user’s front page, showing them what they didn’t know they were missing.

Magnetic Marketing can manage your social media campaigns. Our specialists will post the latest news from your business, share interesting stories and more. By using SEO-friendly protocols, we can also attract useful attention from search engines. Turn your social media site into an authority or important source of information, all while dutifully promoting your business.

Another tool we can take advantage of is integrating your website with social media buttons. This allows users to share a product or service from your website with the click of the mouse. Or we’ll write articles on your website and share them through your social media sites. The cooperation between your website and social media is potentially endless and substantially important.

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