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"To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace." - George Washington

About Optimizing Search Results

Current search engine algorithms (the rules and protocols they follow to display results) show users what is most relevant based on what is going to be most useful to them. Keywords and other factors play a part, but they have to be a part of an overall meaningful whole. Think of how you would have a conversation with someone, because that’s exactly how search engines believe your content should interact with the end user.

Our Approach

Magnetic Marketing houses a team of SEO pros. We’ll optimize all of the content on your website so it is entirely search engine-friendly. This means making it unique and conversational, plus working in the appropriate quality and quantity of keywords and other search engine triggers. This is all on top of how we’ll already craft the content to engage the user and persuade them to act.

Clean, search engine-friendly code is another vital part of SEO. Bad or cluttered code can be more difficult for search engines to reach. It also makes appropriately indexing your website a chore, when ideally your website should always be reaching higher rankings.

Other important aspects of SEO include social media, meta tags and organic links to your website. We’ll establish or foster all of these components so they provide positive reinforcement for your website’s search rankings.

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