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Content Research, Analysis & Creation

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is... the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” - Mark Twain

About Writing Content

Content is a critical part of every website. You’re reading content right now. Without it, we couldn’t tell you what this website is for. We could try pictographs or videos, but experience has shown us that useful, written content is the way to go. Search engines prefer valuable content and so do users.

Our Approach

One important component of crafting content is making sure it works in relation to search engines. Search engines use algorithms to find content, and these rules and protocols are subject to change all of the time. Magnetic Marketing’s writing team has honed the tools and techniques to create search engine-friendly terms and website copy. We’ll do the research and analysis to ensure the content is relevant.

Another crucial element to great content is its usability. This means how it works for your website’s visitors. Content should act like a good salesperson and answer all of your customers’ questions. It should also read like a friendly voice, direct actions by the user and overall encourage prospective customers to be lifetime customers. There are many different strategies available and we’ll make sure to deploy the best one for your particular website.

Content is a key part of how your website presents products, makes navigation easier and instantly communicates with customers. We’ll also extend our writing talents to our marketing strategies, giving your website’s campaigns a unique voice.

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