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"Digital marketers are standing by!"

414.208.4133 | 316 N Milwaukee St. Milwaukee, WI | service@magneticmarketinginc.com

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  • Do you charge a consulting fee?

    Yes. In order to adequately assess your current state, we need to put the full weight of our services behind our consultations.

  • What else do you charge?

    We’ll charge you by the hour at a flat rate for our services. Or we can work out another payment plan for more structured services.

  • Can you create videos?

    No. We do not specialize in videos or photography. If you want this form of media included in any marketing strategy, you will have to supply them.

  • What types of businesses do you serve?

    Any kind.

  • Okay, so what type of business benefits the most?

    Any business in any industry benefits from a valuable marketing strategy. Since our strategy is so unique and every client is also unique, gauging success is difficult. We’ve played a critical role in making brick and mortar stores into online powerhouses, and making ecommerce websites into physical storefronts with a street address. The possibilities are up to our clients and what they'll let us do for them.

  • Can I ever see a real person? Where are you?

    Magnetic Marketing is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Stop by and say “hello!” Otherwise, just let us know what we can do to make this process as comfortable as possible for your business.

  • What is “Volusion Certified?”

    We are a Volusion Strategic Partner. A fancy term that means we understand the ins and outs of Volusion’s software as well as (if not better than, but don’t tell them) their own technical support team. Think of us like your business’ personal driver through Volusion-ville, making sure you avoid any bumpy rides or trips to the bad part of town.

  • And what is “Google Certified?”

    Google trusts us to run our campaigns through their search engine and other applications. That’s very important and we’re proud to have that distinction. Our clients generally appreciate that fact as well.