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Google Adwords & Pay Per Click

"Rule No. 1: never lose money; rule No. 2: don't forget rule No. 1." - Warren Buffet

About Google Advertising

Google Adwords is the most straightforward means of getting your website onto Google’s front page. When a relevant term is typed into the search engine, Adwords shows the results that are likely to be the most helpful. The paid results, or advertisements, are displayed on top of the page or to the side of the normal results, without having to fight through the search rankings.

Our Approach

Magnetic Marketing can take complete care of your Google Adwords campaign. Let us write and optimize the ads for inclusion in the search engine. If there are potential customers searching for your products or services, we’ll make sure they find them.

The dangerous side of Google Adwords is that it uses a “pay per click” strategy. This can be treacherous to overzealous campaigns that can quickly lose their budget to the wrong search engine traffic. If someone searching for Product A clicks on your advertisement, which is Product B, they’ll not have found what they were looking for and you’ll have lost money by paying for that click.

Fortunately, we’ve fine tuned how to submit advertisements to Adwords. For example, one of our clients regularly sees a 100:1 return of investment. While another has benefited from as much as a 200:1 return of investment. Pay-per-click rates and scales of success can vary, but the possibilities are as big as the Internet.

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