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In 2006, IP Phone Warehouse opened for business. They set out to become the number one reseller of VoIP and IP equipment for small and medium-sized businesses. Everything was going great—low costs meant they could pass the savings onto the customers, and it was working fantastically. Then Google changed the game.


Google reformulated its search engine’s algorithms, which meant that IP Phone Warehouse had to significantly update its product pages. A lot of products featured content that was copied and pasted from the manufacturers, which is a definite no-no to the new algorithms. After we dug into their ecommerce site some more, we convinced them to not only start creating unique content, but to build a whole new experience for their customers..

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IP Phone Warehouse stocks thousands of different products. Thanks to us, every product page now has original content. The writing didn’t stop there, however. We built a new section for their website called (fittingly) “The Dock.” Articles and help documents to assist their customers can be easily found in The Dock, which is useful for SEO purposes too.

Leveraging IP Phone Warehouse’s low-priced products with resources such as Google Adwords was a no-brainer. Small businesses would be foolish not to pick their product over a more expensive alternative such as Amazon. We took a microscope to their competition, big or small, and made sure that IP Phone Warehouse had everything that they offered and more. This was one of our favorite projects and we’re happy to see them continuing on with these strategies.

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